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Our goal is to ensure safe and fair motorsport competitions. Our activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • We directly sanction International and National motorsport events in Pakistan.
  • We support Regional motorsport events through our affiliates.
  • We arrange the listing of events on the FIA International motorsport calendar.
  • We maintain competition and technical regulations and guidelines for motorsport in Pakistan.
  • We apply the safety standards of the FIA for motorsport in Pakistan.
  • We affiliate and sanction clubs, organizers and promoters.
  • We license competition drivers according to a set of qualification criteria.
  • We conduct training sessions for competition drivers.
  • We facilitate competition license matters for competitors who compete outside of Pakistan.
  • We sanction competition-driving schools.
  • We license Race Officials.
  • We conduct training sessions for Race Officials.
  • We license racetracks that host sanctioned events.
  • We provide advisory services for motorsport.
  • We promote and market motorsport.
  • We liaise and negotiate with the media.
  • We liaise with the government to facilitate motorsport activities.
  • We facilitate competition license matters for competitors who compete outside of Pakistan.
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Motorsport is a unique and exciting sport. Given the lack of sporting / entertainment activities (especially of the automotive type) in Pakistan, the unique and unprecedented nature of this sport in Pakistan, and the incredible fast-growing interest in motor-racing from the media as well as the public – this sport is destined to be an enormous success. It will not be long before the sport gets bigger, better, more competitive, and more professional. The fast paced, thrilling, adrenalin fueled excitement that motorsport generates along with the festive, colorful and glamorous atmosphere of a motor-racing event is a certain crowd puller. Cars and by extension sport related to cars holds great public interest from young and old, males and females alike throughout the country.

Anyone can get involved and there are many different ways to be part of this exciting sport. There are many different disciplines to choose from. There are opportunities to get involved in any of the disciplines as a spectator, official, marshal, organizer, club or competitor.


The Motorsport Association of Pakistan (MAP) has been empowered by the Federation Internationale De L’Automobile (FIA) to register and license Pakistani citizens wishing to compete nationally under the MAP’s General Competition Regulations and/or internationally under the FlA’s International Sporting Code. Under certain circumstances citizens of other countries may also apply for registration. Every individual must have a valid MAP competition license to compete in any form of motorsport in Pakistan. A license is a certificate of registration issued to any person or body (drivers, entrants, manufacturers, teams, circuits etc) wishing to participate or taking part whatsoever, in competitions or record attempts. The license holder is deemed to be acquainted with the General Competition Regulations of MAP and the International Sporting Code of the FIA and must comply with their provisions.

Registration will be affected by the issue of a Competition License of a type applicable to the motorsport discipline and the status, National or International, in which the applicant wishes to compete. All MAP competition licenses expire on the 31st of December every year and must be renewed annually from 1st January of each year. Subject to certain conditions a status of license may be upgraded at any time during the year.

A MAP national or international license can only be issued or upgraded provided the driver meets the criteria set for that grade of license. All applicants will be required to pass a medical examination. A MAP international license, along with a No-Objection certificate from the MAP, allows the driver or entrant to compete in an international event if it is entered on the FIA International Sporting Calendar.


If you want to be more than just a spectator one of the best ways of getting involved in motorsports is as a volunteer official. It allows you to be right in the middle of the action helping to conduct and regulate the sport. An official / marshal operates under the authority of MAP and must abide by MAP’s General Competition Regulations and FlA’s International Sporting Code. MAP trains and provides officials for approved motorsport events organized in Pakistan. The marshals will be trained by MAP and work under the patronage of the Motorsport Association of Pakistan. It is the marshal’s responsibility to ensure that all motorsport in Pakistan is conducted in a manner that secures and enhances the safety of all those involved, including participants, officials, spectators and public property under the general guidance of MAP and FIA regulations.

Types of officials:

  • Race Control Officials
  • Fire and Rescue Team
  • Recovery Team
  • Medical Team
  • Scrutineering Team
  • Trackside Team
  • Pit and Grid Team


Motorsport clubs are formed by a group of individuals with common interests and goals in the field of motorsports. They aim to advance the cause of motorsport and provide a platform where enthusiasts, and drivers can come together. Motorsport clubs hold meetings and organize events for their members. A motorsport club assists competition driver in developing their skills, gaining experience and establishing an auto-racing career. A motorsport club liaises with MAP to facilitate events and driver development. A motorsport club operating under the authority of MAP must abide by MAP’s General Competition Regulations and FlA’s International Sporting Code.

New motorsport clubs can become affiliated with MAP provided their club completes the requirements and meets the criteria for affiliation.


Organizers are a group of people that organize and arrange motorsport events, races, series, cups, challenges and championships. An organizer operates under the authority of MAP and must abide by MAP’s General Competition Regulations and FlA’s International Sporting Code.

A motorsport club affiliated with MAP or a commercial entity can have organizing permits issued to them and only thereafter can organize authorized motorsport activities in Pakistan. Any affiliated motorsport club or recognized entity may organize an event provided they complete the requirements and their event meets all the criteria for obtaining a permit.

Rules & Regulations

The Motorsport Association of Pakistan (MAP) is recognized as the sole motorsport governing body for Pakistan by the world governing body – the Federation Internationale de L’ Automobile (FIA). As the National Sporting Authority, MAP is responsible for the governance and administration of all forms of motorsports in Pakistan, controlling the technical and sporting rules across the various disciplines. The MAP implements these rules to ensure the conduct of motorsport events on international regulations established by the FIA. Below are the list of rules and regulations in PDF format.

MAP Mission Statement

“To promote the safety and soundness of motorsport in Pakistan”.

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